Pixie, Gin and a Striped Pig, with special guest Pixie Paula Dezzutti

May 26, 2023 Heather E Wilson Season 3 Episode 16
Pixie, Gin and a Striped Pig, with special guest Pixie Paula Dezzutti
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Show Notes

On today’s episode, I'm excited to welcome Pixie Paula Dezzutti, CEO of Local Choice Spirits, a company that owns many distilleries and breweries in the USA. She’s a spirits expert and brand developer who has built the #1 distillery in South Carolina, The Striped Pig! Today, we chat about how it all started, their philosophy on brand & product development, their Sip & Share program, being a woman in the industry, how they help others develop a spirits brand, of course their gins, and so much more.

About Pixie Paula Dezzutti
Pixie” Paula Dezzutti celebrates and supports the modern woman, encouraging her towards personal growth and professional success. She is an entrepreneur to the core, serving as CEO of numerous companies including Charleston, SC’s first women’s magazine, SKIRT, running 28 years and the first distillery, Striped Pig Distillery & Local Choice Spirits, a family-run, award- winning brand development and distribution platform that has worked for over a decade to build diversity brands in the beverage industry and open the doors for women in traditionally male dominated industries.

She is a mother of 9 with 8 grandchildren and worked hard her entire life to teach her children and her clients how to have a balanced, bustling homelife with boundless professional growth opportunities. Pixie aims to amplify the message that women can nurture and provide, & she is here to empower them in their pursuits.

About Local Choice Spirits
At Local Choice Spirits we love to celebrate good times with good drinks!  We also love giving back to the communities around us.  So much so, “Pixie” Paula founded Local Choice Spirits on her vision to marry philanthropy with everyday celebration — or to Sip & Share.

Our family business creates award-winning boutique spirits and celebrity brands, whilst operating a give back business model.  Our commitment to quality and community has allowed us to expand into an innovative, premium brand building platform, providing creators and consumers alike the opportunity to enjoy exceptional spirits and #PourItForward to community causes.

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