GINovations from Bruinwood Estate Distillery, with special guest Jeff Barringer

February 17, 2023 Heather E Wilson Season 3 Episode 9
GINovations from Bruinwood Estate Distillery, with special guest Jeff Barringer
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Show Notes

On today’s episode, I welcome Jeff Barringer, Co-Founder of Bruinwood Estate Distillery located in Robert’s Creek, British Columbia, Canada. Today, we chat about how it all started, their philosophy on product development, and of course their gins, and so much more. I'm also surprised with a taste of a new gin and cocktail live on the call. They also have one of the MOST unique ingredients I've ever seen in a gin.  Listen now to hear all about it. 

P.S. Be sure to try the Heather's Helper Cocktail!

  • 2oz Feast Gin (from Bruinwood Estate Distillery)
  • 1/2 oz Expresso Vodka  (from Bruinwood Estate Distillery) 
  • Mix and serve. Ice Optional!

About Bruinwood Estate Distillery
Bruinwood Estate Distillery is one of BC’s smaller farm-gate distilleries and was established in 2018 by proprietors Jeff Barringer and Danise Lofstrom on their five acre apiary in Roberts Creek, British Columbia. The idea of creating the distillery began in the late 90's with a visit to Nichol Vineyards on the Naramata Bench near Penticton.

As television producers, we worked in the food and drinks realm. From there, we had a broad view of culinary trends and eventually, we saw that distilleries were beginning to emerge and thrive.

As our TV careers started to wane, we decided to revitalize the idea of building a distillery. We spent two and a half years rezoning the property, getting provincial and federal licences, actually building the distillery and of course, learning how to make the spirits. Our years of immersing ourselves in the best of food and flavours now comes together in our bottles of quality spirits that will delight and surprise the senses.

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