A Ginspired GNU Update, with special guest Darren Scott

March 03, 2023 Heather E Wilson Season 3 Episode 10
A Ginspired GNU Update, with special guest Darren Scott
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Show Notes

On today’s episode, I welcome back to the show Darren Scott - Chief Operations Officer and Director of Gnu Craft Spirits, located in Calgary, Alberta. Today, I catch up Darren to see where they are on their journey and their experiences (and challenges) of starting a craft gin distillery, where they are in the process, their Gnu product awards, and of course a fun gincident story, and so much more.

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About Gnu Craft Spirits

When COVID-19 mandates forced us all apart, the founders of Gnu Craft Spirits, Dawn, Tony, & Darren, started dreaming up ways they could continue to safely bring people together. Naturally, the conversation turned to booze.

Never ones to take themselves too seriously, they wanted to create a product and a brand worth gathering around; something fun that provoked conversation which is how Gnu Craft Spirits was born.

The Gnu (The ‘G’ is silent) is an African plains animal known for sticking with the herd. Gnus are resilient and adaptive, and always on the lookout for their next watering hole. Kind of like  Dawn, Tony, & Darren. 

About the Gnu Normal London Dry Gin        

The Gnu Normal London Dry Gin was designed to be a go-to gin that the whole herd can enjoy. Every small batch is made with Western Canadian juniper berries, grains from the Alberta prairies, and sun-dried orange and grapefruit peel which elevates the fresh, citrus taste, making it perfect for a dry martini, G&T, or your favourite cocktail. The Gnu Normal was recently awarded bronze by the World Gin Awards for best London Dry Gin in Canada, 2022.

Darren Scott - Chief Operations Officer and Director

Darren’s introduction to spirits started behind the bar in the 90’s slinging vodka at some of the most iconic bars and restaurants in Calgary, eventually landing in a series of senior customer service and digital marketing roles where he was able to connect two of his passions: community and design.

Darren has always been a gatherer of people and good times, using music, hockey, and booze as a catalyst for connection. When he’s not at the rink with his kids he’s dreaming and scheming up ways to get as many bottles of The Gnu Normal London Dry Gin on as many bar carts as possible across Alberta.

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