The MOST Romantic Ginspired Story Ever, with special guest Jennifer "Ginny" Chur

November 24, 2022 Heather E Wilson Season 3 Episode 4
The MOST Romantic Ginspired Story Ever, with special guest Jennifer "Ginny" Chur
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Show Notes

On today’s episode, I welcome Jennifer Chur,  a marketing consultant by day, a foodie 24/7, and a Gin fanatic pretty much all the time. Jennifer, also known as Ginny, is the host of It’s Gin O’Clock – a FB group with over 8000 members. Today, we chat about her ginspired journey, her favourite gin picks and cocktails, what it takes to host such a large FB group, and of course, we share cocktails, and she shares the most romantic GINSPIRED story EVER!!! Please join us.

About Jennifer 'Ginny' Chur:
Jennifer is a Marketing Consultant in Germany, loves food, and, of course, Gin. In 2017, she took over the Facebook Page: It's Gin O'clock. Since then, she's built it up to more than 7000 followers with her passion for Gin, and Gin-related products and events.

You can find and follow Ginny at:
Facebook: It's Gin O'clock

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