A Troubled Monk, with special guest Charlie Bredo

June 24, 2022 Heather E Wilson Season 2 Episode 19
A Troubled Monk, with special guest Charlie Bredo
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Show Notes
On today’s episode, I welcome Charlie Bredo, President of Troubled Monk, a Craft Beverages business located in Red Deer, Alberta. Today, we chat about how he came to own a brewery and a distillery, what it takes to run the business, all about their products, including their signature gin - Epitaph Blue Gin, and of course, a fun gincident or two.

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About Charlie Bredo and Troubled Monk
Charlie is the President of Troubled Monk, located in Red Deer, Alberta. Starting as a brewery on June 12, 2015, they've built on their beer-making roots also to make Ready To Drink (RTDs), soda, vodka, gin, and whisky!

About Epitaph Blue Gin
Epitaph Blue Gin, a gold-medal winner at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition, was born from the creativity and passion of the team at Troubled Monk.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and inspired to excel, the Troubled Monk family assessed what it had established, and in 2016 strove for more.

Being craft enthusiasts, they were inspired to expand beyond beer and explore sophistication through the art of gin distillation.

A distillery was considered for the creation of a new and exciting premium gin and the answer was clear: Why not try it? Why not take a leap and explore the next adventure? Tell more stories with great craft beverages. Epitaph was born to continue the storytelling tradition that embodies Troubled Monks mission of inspiring others through our craft.

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