A Gin Distillery in the Heart of the City, with special guest Martin Reid

May 27, 2022 Heather E Wilson Season 2 Episode 17
A Gin Distillery in the Heart of the City, with special guest Martin Reid
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Show Notes

On today’s episode, I welcome Martin Reid, Co-Founder of Reid’s Distillery located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We chat about his journey to becoming a distillery owner, the story behind Reid’s distillery, their products, special events, and of course a fun gincident or two.

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About Martin Reid

Martin Reid is an entrepreneur who co-founded Reid’s Gin Distillery in Toronto with his three adult children.  An avid sailor and scuba diver Martin passionately runs marathons whenever he can - albeit slowly.   He is an accomplished author who resides in Toronto.  Martin spent most of his career in financial services before making the leap into the Gin world.

About Reid’s Distillery

The Reid family is originally from the UK and they’ve been fortunate to travel back and forth quite a bit. Over the last decade, they have seen an explosion of the craft gin scene across the pond. 

It didn’t take long before they were creating their own small batches to get a fix of those flavourful recipes they’d fallen in love with over the years. They now have the opportunity to create world-class gins in Toronto. Far from being stuffy or boring, their gins are adventures in flavour. They make gins that they are proud of, using Canadian wheat, wild-foraged Canadian juniper and many other diverse botanicals. They also make gins with different flavours - from spicy to floral, citrus to aged, sweet to herbal. They want even the most seasoned gin drinker to find something new in their experience with Reid’s.

Feel free to go by the distillery, try their gins and explore their cocktail menu. They’ll share a story or two about their family’s adventures from biking across Canada, living on a sailboat, and running sub-zero marathons to any number of other silly endeavours. They look forward to hearing your stories and welcoming you to their family.

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