The Last Best Gin, with special guest Bryce Parsons

May 20, 2022 Heather E Wilson Season 2 Episode 16
The Last Best Gin, with special guest Bryce Parsons
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Show Notes

On today’s episode, I welcome Bryce Parsons – Master Distiller of Last Best Brewing and Distilling in Calgary Alberta. Today, we chat about what it means to be a master distiller in Alberta, how he created the gin program for the distillery, all about their products and awards, and of course a fun gincident or two.

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About Bryce Parsons
Bryce is the Master Distiller leading all things spirits at Last Best Brewing and Distilling and one of the most decorated Gin distillers in Canada. An ICU nurse in a past life he switched careers on a quest to explore what can be accomplished in the exciting frontier of Canadian spirits. 

 A MSc Brew and Distil (distinction) graduate of the ICBD at Heriot Watt University of Edinburgh, he has been focusing his attention on novel flavour profiles in Gin and Whisky using past research and brewing experience. In 2018 the GinCrazeYYC project of making 52 gins in a year. 2020 during COVID 19 he launched 3 gins from Last Best that continue to be recognized on the provincial, national, and global award stages.  In his free time (when any) his role as president of Alberta's Craft Distillers association (ACDA), he continues to help to expand the craft distilling industry in a responsible, rewarding, and connecting way for his communities.

About Last Best Brewing & Distilling
Last Best Brewing & Distilling opened its doors in May 2015. The name Last Best draws from Calgary’s eclectic history. At the end of the 1800s, the Canadian government launched a campaign called ‘The Last Best West’; its purpose was to populate the western prairies and grow agriculture in Canada. The administration believed that this area was the Last Best chance in the modern world for homesteaders to lay roots and shape their futures. 

The accomplishments resulting from the Last Best initiative have paved the way for the budding craft beer and distilling industries here in Alberta. Last Best Brewing & Distilling honours this historical spirit through its name and unwavering commitment to making delicious well-crafted beer, spirits and Alberta-inspired cuisine.

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